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Manual Pallet Trucks

Manually operated hand pallet trucks and weighing pallet trucks make moving and mobile weighing of heavy loads much easier. Our pallet trucks are particularly manoeuvrable and precise. Thanks to their robust design, they are both powerful and low-wear.

Hand pallet trucks

Manually operated hand pallet trucks make handling heavy loads in your business much easier. Thanks to their robust design, the pallet trucks are both powerful and low-wear.


Where are hand pallet trucks often used?

Hand pallet trucks: The efficient all-rounders for your logistics Whether loading and unloading lorries or handling pallets in the warehouse, whether in retail or production facilities: Hand pallet trucks ensure efficient goods transport in a wide range of logistics applications and industries. Employees can use the pallet truck to move even heavy loads of up to 2,500 kilograms effortlessly over short distances. Hand pallet trucks really come into their own where space is at a premium - for example on commercial vehicle loading areas and in winding warehouse aisles. This is because the excellent manoeuvrability and the very small turning circle of the warehouse trucks allow safe, fast and maximally efficient goods flow processes, even in such environments.


What are the advantages of manual pallet trucks?

Flexible logistics helpers with added value: these are the benefits of hand pallet trucks Hand pallet trucks with a manual operating concept are the "Swiss army knife" of warehouse trucks. Lift trucks can be found in almost all industries and a wide variety of logistics applications - and for good reason. The most important advantages of logistics helpers include:

*Low acquisition costs with high utility value

  • Flexible application options, as largely independent of external power supply
  • Robust construction for maximum durability
  • Low weight and compact dimensions
  • High agility and excellent handling
  • Minimised service costs thanks to low-wear and low-maintenance design

What do I need to consider when buying a hand pallet truck?

As with any industrial truck or warehouse technology device, the same applies to hand pallet trucks: Analyse your application in the best possible way before purchasing - only then is it possible to select the right equipment to ensure maximum efficiency in your flow of goods. If you want to buy a hand pallet truck, it is advisable to pay attention not only to "obvious" issues such as the maximum load capacity. Instead, think down to the last detail. For example, ask yourself how long your employees work with the equipment per shift and whether it therefore makes sense to invest in hand pallet trucks with special ergonomic features. This can have a significant impact on your team members' health at work and therefore their performance. Depending on the area of application, it may also be worth purchasing hand pallet trucks with a high-lift function, or integrated scales. And although hand pallet trucks are technically relatively simple devices, you should also keep an eye on service and maintenance requirements. Low-wear models may be more expensive to purchase, but the higher investment will pay off relatively quickly thanks to lower service and maintenance costs.


What designs are available for hand pallet trucks?

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, Linde Material Handling offers you powerful hand pallet trucks in a variety of designs and dimensions, with three main versions:

  • Hand pallet truck without integrated scales
  • Hand pallet truck with integrated scales
  • Hand pallet truck with scissor lift

What sets our products apart from those of the competition are Linde's typical standards of productivity, safety and ergonomics. Hand pallet trucks from Linde MH not only enable you to transport goods quickly and efficiently but are also designed to be as user-friendly and safe as possible. This allows your employees to work comfortably even during long shifts and reduces the risk of accidents, which in turn saves your company from expensive follow-up costs.


Hand pallet truck with scales: The Linde M25W

Weighing and transporting in a single work step: this is exactly what the M25W hand pallet truck with scales enables you to do. Its integrated weighing system records loads with a tolerance of just half a kilogram, saving your employees a trip to an external scale. This not only ensures a significant time advantage, but also prevents overloading of transport vehicles or excessive deviations from order quantities. Further performance features of the hand pallet truck include its torsion-resistant, robust design, retraction and extension rollers at the fork tips and an airtight and therefore dustproof encapsulated hydraulic system.


Hand pallet truck with scissor lift: Manual scissor lift truck M25HLM

Scissor lift trucks are a special variant of hand pallet trucks. With their scissor lift function, the forks of these hand pallet trucks can be lifted up to 800 millimetres. This means that your employees work in an upright position, protect their backs and complete their work more quickly thanks to the ideal working height. Hand pallet trucks with scissor lift are therefore particularly suitable as mobile work platforms or for order picking in confined spaces. Tiresome lifting movements on the drawbar are thus completely eliminated. Hand pallet trucks with scissor lift have a reinforced drawbar and a torsion-resistant chassis. The maximum load capacity is 1,000 kilograms. From a working height of 400 millimetres, bolts to the left and right of the castor wheels provide additional stability for the devices. This prevents the scissor lift trucks from swaying, for example when your employees place heavy objects on the pallet or the load slips. A wide tiller handle effectively protects employees' hands from injury