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Tow Tractors

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A manual tug or electric pedestrian tug reduces the physical strain on the operator and enables easy transport and manoeuvring of roll containers and trolleys in confined spaces.

Features and uses of electric pedestrian-controlled tractors:

Electric drive:

Electric walk-behind tractors are equipped with an electric motor that provides the drive. This makes the pedestrian tractor an extremely economical and productive solution for short-distance transport of loads up to 1300 kg.

Manual control:

The user can easily operate the electric walk-behind tractor with both hands using the double wing switches for the drive function to ensure precise work.

Towing and transporting:

These vehicles are used to pull or transport heavy loads on rollers or in trailers. They are able to move trolleys, roller containers, shopping trolleys and the like efficiently.

Industrial applications:

Electric pedestrian tugs are often used in industrial environments such as factories, warehouses, airports and logistics centres to facilitate material handling and increase efficiency.


The MP13 pedestrian tractor reduces physical exertion and thus minimises the physical strain on the operator. Thanks to the optimised tiller position, the operator is at a safe and comfortable distance from the vehicle. Efficient braking systems guarantee safe working conditions. The MP13 has an effective parking brake to ensure safe use on inclines and lifting platforms.