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Article-No. LN-NPBHPT-001

Linde Narrow Pro Brake Hand Pallet Truck 1 (2000Kg)

The Linde Narrow Pro Brake Hand Pallet Truck, tiller controlled hand pallet truck. Highly manoeuverable and ideally suited to specialised pallet configuration loading/unloading, and short to medium distance pallet transfer. All with the added benefit of our Pro Brake System.

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Product Information

Introduction- The Linde Narrow ProBrake is a development of the hand pallet truck which enables the operator to move a heavily laden pallet truck ecomonically and efficiently with greatly reduced personal effort, therefore reducing the risk of back injury. Furthermore, the ProBrake is extremely controllable and will never overrun its accurate positioning of even the heaviest loads, providing a high level of safety. Its rugged construction and simple controls provide a durable, easy to use manual handling solution for smaller and thinner pallets.

Performance- The Linde Narrow Hand Pallet Truck makes light work of specialised palletised load handling. The 'easy start' mechanism enables effortless movement of a fully laden truck in either direction from stationary, tests prove the ProBrake demands one sixth of the effort required compared to the standard hand pallet truck. ProBrake provides control and precision. Both truck ans load can be inched slowly, for precise load movement. It is also capable of climbing small obstructions and copes with uneven floors. The tiller arm is sprung loaded to the vertical position and the unique ProBrake System gives the operator total control of the truck, critical when handling heavy loads. To ensure safety when parked or operating on ramps, a parking brake can be used. The sealed hydraulic unit ensures long, trouble-free operation, no matter how harsh the on-site conditions. Matched with load and steer wheel tyre options ensure the truck can be tailored to individual applications, making sure that the ProBrake delivers complete peace of mind.

Easy of Use- The low pivoting tiller arm and Pro Brake System will allow the operator complete control and at a safe distance from the truck when walking or maneuvring using the simple lever control. The operators hands are protected by a robust hand guard. Durability And Safety- The torsion resistant contruction of the chassis and durable powder coat finish ensure that these trucks provide a safe reliable performance, day in, day out.

Applications Large And Small- Whether the application is large or small, the ubiquitous Pro Brake Hand Pallet Truck is an ever present link in the supply chain, carrying out a host of tasks too numerous to list and plays its part in enhancing the efficient movement of goods.

Areas of application: production, transport & distribution, trade & warehouse

  • Unique 'Easy Start' mechanism
  • Can cope with uneven floors
  • Handbrake system
  • Torsion resistant chassis design
  • Solid push rods
  • Sealed hydraulic units
  • 12 months warranty
  • Lead in rollers for easy entry
  • Tapered fork tips for easy entry through shrink wrapping