Article-No. LN-M303000HPT-003

Linde M30 3000Kg Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Truck 3 (3000kg)

The Linde M30 Heavy Duty, tiller controlled hand pallet truck. Highly maneuverable and ideally suited to cost-effective loading/unloading for more heavy loads up to 3000kgs. Short to medium distance pallet transfer.

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Product Information

Introduction- The Linde M30 Hand Pallet Truck range is designed for economical and efficient palletised load handling in applications up to 3000kgs lift required. Its rugged construction with a strengthened frame and simple controls provide a durable, easy to use manual handling solution and can be found in virtually every type of industry working in conjunction with powered mobile equipment.

Performance- Up to 105 degrees tiller arm sweep to either side and lead in rollers, the Linde Hand Pallet Truck makes light work of heavy palletised load handling. The tiller arm is sprung loaded to the vertical position. The special hydraulic pump unit is protected and sealed from the environment for consistent reliability to cope with 3 tonne loads. Load and steer wheel tyre options ensure the truck can be matched to individual applications.

Easy of Use- The low pivoting tiller arm is designed to place the operator at a comfortable and safe distance from the truck when walking or manoeuvring and has a simple lever control. The operators hands are protected by a robust hand guard.

Durability And Safety- The torsion resistant construction of the chassis and durable powder coat finish ensure that these trucks provide a safe reliable performance, day in, day out.

Areas of application: production, transport & distribution, trade & warehouse

  • Strengthend frame
  • Special hydraulic pump
  • Torsion resistant chassis design
  • Solid push rods
  • Sealed hydraulic units
  • 12 months warranty
  • Lead in rollers for easy entry
  • Tapered fork tips for easy entry through shrink wrapping