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Forks, Covers & Extensions

A wide range of magnetic anti-slip pads for forklift trucks, ideal for handling palletless products. Forklift forks and closed fork extensions for transporting loads that are longer than the forks.

Forklift forks and fork extensions: The right solution for every application!

Forklift trucks and the corresponding accessories are required in numerous areas of application - from production and warehousing to dispatch. The functionality and reliability of the products are correspondingly important. With Linde Material Handling, you are choosing a strong partner in the field of forklift trucks, forklift forks and associated extensions!


Forklift forks and fork extensions from Linde Material Handling

With Linde Material Handling, you can rely on the global market leader in the field of forklift technology. Regardless of whether you are looking for suitable forklift fork extensions, work platforms and work baskets for working in hard-to-reach places or new pallet forks and forks for forklifts: We offer the right solutions for all requirements and industries.

Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, with annual sales of over 3.5 billion euros and more than 12,000 qualified employees, we offer you a first-class portfolio of services from a single source. Our expertise is demonstrated not only by the wide variety of our product range, but also by our ability to make customised products for special requirements.

In addition to forklift trucks and other vehicles, such as pallet trucks, you will find numerous accessories in our range. These include, among others:

  • Forklift forks
  • Forklift fork extensions and connecting parts
  • Fork shoes
  • Work baskets and autonomous work platforms

High-quality forklift forks: For convenient and fast goods transport

Forklift forks are the most important component of a forklift truck or pallet truck. You will therefore find fork designs for special applications in our range in addition to classic forks. The right forklift fork must fulfil numerous requirements in order to optimally perform the tasks involved:

  • It must be able to withstand heavy weight.
  • It must have a high-quality finish to ensure durability.
  • It should be made of material that prevents premature wear.

Practical: Special coatings on Linde Material Handling forklift forks, such as the use of magnetic or non-slip materials or magnetic anti-slip pads, improve their practicality. They also offer greater safety and are even required by law when using work baskets.

What are the advantages and benefits of forklift fork extensions?

In certain situations, it may be necessary to extend the forks of the forklift truck. This is necessary, for example, when particularly long goods, pallets or pallet cages are to be transported. The fork extensions from Linde Material Handling ensure maximum stability and safety. They are compatible with most forklift trucks and are available in several cross-sections and sizes.

What different types of forks are available?

  • Open forks: They are simply attached to the existing forklift forks and are usually cheaper than closed forks. With open forks, the centre of gravity of the load must be on the fixed forks, otherwise there is a risk of the forklift fork extension tipping over.
  • Closed forks: They completely enclose the original forklift fork and are therefore also referred to as "fork shoes" Side pins provide additional support. Thanks to the firm hold of these fork extensions for forklift trucks, you can transport loads on the extension without hesitation, even if the centre of gravity is not on the original fork.

When deciding on the right forklift tines, the budget plays a particularly important role. Open forks are cheaper than fork shoes and offer hardly any disadvantages in comparison.

However, a decision in favour of closed forklift fork extensions is always recommended when heavy and oversized objects need to be transported on a daily basis. As you do not have to pay attention to the even distribution of the load, closed forks speed up the work considerably.

What to look out for when buying fork extensions for forklift trucks?

When buying a forklift fork extension, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • The exact dimensions of the forklift forks must be known. The cross-section is particularly important here.
  • The necessary load-bearing capacity is of great importance. If in doubt, it is better to choose a slightly higher load capacity.
  • In terms of length, you should ensure that the fork extension is a maximum of 40 per cent longer than the original forks.

You can select these and other criteria in our professional online shop. So you can find the ideal forklift fork extensions for your company in no time at all!

What are the advantages of extensions for forklift forks?

With the forklift fork extensions from Linde Material Handling, you are opting for versatile and customised solutions for your company. Our extensions offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Ideal for transporting oversized items
  • No need to buy a new (larger) forklift truck
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Uncomplicated dismantling if required
  • Customised solutions for all forklift truck models

Buy forklift forks and fork extensions from Linde Material Handling: Everything from a single source!

In the Linde Material Handling range you will find a large selection of suitable forklift forks and fork extensions. We convince with

  • comprehensive service
  • individual support from a single source

In addition to the matching fork shoes, you can also obtain all the necessary accessories from us. These include work baskets, non-slip surfaces and tools of all kinds. Don't hesitate and buy forks and matching fork extensions for your forklift forks directly from Linde Material Handling!