Article-No. LN-ML10-001

ML10 (2.427 cm)

1000 kg

Electric powered, pedestrian controlled pallet stacker for handling open bottomed (Euro) pallets and stillages

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Product Information

A ‚wrap-over‘ fork stacker for handling open-bottomed (Euro) pallets and stillages ML10 offers a highly cost-effective and productive solution for many applications requiring occasional stacking of loads up to 1000 kg Used as a work bench, the ML10 eliminates any back strain as heavy components do not need to be lifted off the ground and the working height can be comfortably adjusted The wide range of mast lift heights offers exception flexibiliy in achieving the correct specification for the task A maintenance-free gel battery allows fume-free operation in factories or other commercial premises

  • Low-maintenance motor
  • Ideal picking working height
  • Ergonomically shaped tiller handle
  • Belly switch
  • Maintenance-free battery


Technical Details

Load Capacity1000 kg

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