Article-No. SADT-1

Semi Automatic Drum Tongs-1

Drum Tongs offer a safe and effective movement of drums from hooks/cranes/jibs.

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Product Information

To use: When the drum is hanging in its suspended position its upper chimb (lip) is gripped by all four pads. When lowered to the ground, the tongs are lowered slightly which opens the pads. The latching lever is then flipped over after the drum was lifted, the above action then becomes unnecessary and automatic release is achievable. In order to lift a drum, the tongs are lowered over a drum with the pads in the locked open position. When the tongs come to rest on the drum, the latching lever is disengaged manually. As lifting commences the pads will automatically close under the chimb of the drum. Drum Tongs are used for picking up 210 liter drums of the tight head or open topped steel varieties. The tongs can be fitted under a fork mounted hook, fork or carriage mounted jib, or under an overhead or lorry mounted crane.