Article-No. LN-LEAKD

Leak Detector 400ml

Detects leaking areas in compressed air and gas systems

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Product Information

Effortless, time-saving detection of pressurised, leaking areas with success guaranteed Non-flammable, therefore can also be used on systems, containers and pipes with flammable gases. Processing temperature: +5°C to +50°C Freezes at 0°C Suitable for compressed air brake systems, tyres, hoses, valves, pipework, fittings, compressed air containers, compression systems etc Notice: Is resistant to frost, can be applied again once thawed. When using with systems containing oxygen, it must be ensured that these are constantly pressurised during testing. If not, low pressure could result in the leak-finding fluid entering the system and reacting with the oxygen. Rinse residual leak-finding fluid out with clear water immediately after testing. Only spray suspected areas lightly; leaks are shown by foam forming