Article-No. CMJ-500-1.8

Carriage Mounted Jib - 500 -1.8

Mounted directly to the carriage of the forklift truck, our carriage mounted jibs provide the solution to converting your lift truck into a dedicated lifting crane.

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Product Information

Offering the same characteristics as our Easi Reach forklift jib, but with the added benefit of having a manually extendable lifting beam, allowing the versatility of long reach or alternatively the manoeuvrability of a shorter reach jib.

  • Mounts directly onto truck carriage so forklift can be positioned closer to the load
  • Extends out to 3000mm to allow loads to be picked up from greater distances
  • Low profile design allows for better access into areas where space is limited, helping to reduce manual handling
  • Jib rated to suit the capacity of the lift truck, which helps to reduce wear and tear and possible overloading
  • Multiple hook positions for flexible load handling whilst reducing handling costs
  • Long jib arm helps reach otherwise inaccessible places
  • Wide carriage back plate to reduce sideways movement thus reducing damage from load swinging excessively.