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Carriage Mounted Carpet Boom 70 X 3050 2A

Our popular Carriage Mounted Carpet Boom offers an easy solution to the lifting and transport of carpets and all other floor covering or similar rolled materials.

£ 1,356.00


With a unique threaded pole construction, the risk of stress weld failure is completely removed. Utilising high grade quality EN19T steel and a combination of bearing plates and shrink rings to absorb damaging shock loads during product transit, you can be assured our carpet booms are fit for purpose and designed for the task in hand

  • Threaded pole design offers enhanced strength properties and long-term durability
  • No welding need with threaded pole design which eliminates possibility of stress weld failure (common with inferior booms)
  • High grade EN19T steel, offering strong, durable and long service life properties
  • Bearing plate and shrink ring combination absorbs damaging shock loads during transit
  • Leading edge nose cone designed to avoid damage to the roll being handled whilst offering easy ‘glide in’ pick up
  • CE marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to meet health and safety regulations