Article-No. WBL-1100L

1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Handler - Flat Lid

Designed for handling large wheelie bins, our wheelie bin handlers allow bins to be picked up, transported and emptied whilst utilising the forklift truck.

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Product Information

With adjustable catch sections to allow for small variance on bin widths, the wheelie bins can be safely picked up via the side trunnions and transported to the waste receptacle where the contents of the bin is to be tipped into With no moving parts, wires or pulleys, the wheelie bin is simply positioned against the side of the waste receptacle, and with forward motion applied, the bin rotates to the required angle suitable for tipping It is highly recommended that a sample bin be sent so as the attachment can be adequately tested (For ‘Sprung Lidded’ wheelie bins a sample bin would be required)